About Cora

Visual storytelling is at the foundation of everything I do. Whether it's composing a look, designing a garment or touching up a photo, I approach the world from the perspective of color, proportion, texture. Ever since my days as a little girl dressing up and sewing costumes for Barbies, design and style have always been my passion.

Style is about expression.

Fashion is my favorite medium. Getting dressed in the morning is more than just a means to an end. Beyond simple aesthetics, style expresses personality to the world; every outfit is a chance to tell a new story.

Mathieu Mirano Spring 2013 Collection I dedicated a big part of 2012 to working with talented young designer Mathieu Mirano, whose innovative work has landed him a spot on numerous to-watch short lists and a recent profile in Elle magazine. I delighted in this opportunity to enter the couture wonderland, helping bring the dreams of this amazing new talent to life, all the way to the stage of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Cora meets web.

The fashion tech explosion has united my passion for style with my latest obsession: beautiful web content and social media marketing. Expanding love of the visual into the virtual, I find the same joy in a beautifully functioning website as in a thoughtful outfit.

Shopsy.com home page When startup Shopsy.com brought me on to help style looks for their website, I discovered my enjoyment of Photoshop, the nuance of compositing, color correction and touch-ups. Next, I delved into social media, managing Pinterest personas and content for Facebook and Twitter. Just as I style a look with shoes and accessories, I use these sites to illustrate a personality online.

Dressing up Broadway.

Some people watch a movie and study the acting or camera angles. The first thing I see is how the clothing and the set advance the story. That's where my narrative approach to fashion originates: my experience with costume design and theater.

Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror Collaborating with other designers has strengthened my own creative process, solidifying my ideas of beauty and style. During my time at Broadway go-to costume shop Eric Winterling, Inc., I honed my eye for proportion, period, and color, helping to realize the vision of Tony Award winning costume designers on projects like Wicked, Book of Mormon and Mirror Mirror.